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Why You Need An Accountant

The very best time to meet with an accountant regarding your small business is BEFORE you start it! The McFadden Group provides straight answers on business startups – arming you with the facts you need on entity choice and working with the IRS.

Entity Choice

Selecting the right entity is critical and the wrong one can cost you – in unnecessary taxes and accounting fees. The chosen entity type will set the tone for operations throughout the life of your business. The McFadden Group will shed light on the truth with regard to the various entity options and how they will affect the tax liability and day-to-day operations of your business.


The IRS makes it appear fairly easy to obtain a federal ID number for your business – and it is easy. The difficult part is making sure it is set up properly to ensure that all is well with the IRS from the very start. If your business is already up and running, then the best time to engage an accountant is before you desperately need one!

Establish a Relationship

It’s important to engage the services of an accountant before you actually need them so that you can avoid the common pitfalls new business owners often encounter.

 Save Money

Before the end of the first month of business, contact us for an appointment, especially if you have payroll. Even if you’re using QuickBooks and feel like everything is under control, there are things that can still go awry. With proper guidance at the outset, your accounting fees, taxes, penalties and interest can be greatly mitigated or avoided altogether. 

Business Acquisition

If you’re considering buying into a business or buying one outright, call us before anything is signed so that we can help you with the transaction. Proper planning can potentially save thousands of dollars during the acquisition of a new business. 

Financial Statement Compilation and Bookkeeping Services

These services can be provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and are driven by the needs of the client and sometimes are requirements of your banking relationship. Timely and accurate financial statements are the basis for any decision making process with regard to your small business. 

We can also assist those clients who perform their own accounting and data processing functions in-house by lending on-site assistance and setting up system directions for internal accounting personnel to follow.

When in doubt, call or email us.

Our mission is to help our clients succeed in their small business. Such success is largely dependent upon keeping clients away from the many pitfalls that can arise for any small business.

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