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Current Clients

To all our current clients, we thank you for your business and for placing your trust in us!

Tax Return Client Process

Once you have determined that you need an accountant, we ask that you consider our guidelines.

Access the Free Online Tax Organizer

Our free online 2023 Tax Organizer (pdf) is a great utility that can help you gather all relevant tax information each year. We have found that clients that utilize our organizer have lower fees associated with tax preparation because they have gathered all the useful information as it happened, instead of last minute prior to the return deadline.

First Come, First Serve

The earlier your return gets in line, the earlier it will be completed by one of our CPAs.  By 5 pm on March 24, 2024 is the deadline for getting all of your tax return information to us in order to ensure that your return is completed by April 15.


We e-file all returns with the IRS. This eliminates lost returns in the mail and data entering problems at the IRS. E-filing also drastically reduces the amount of time to process your return at the IRS, thus speeding up the receipt of any refund.


When we work on your return and have questions, we will email you. This is to ensure there are no facts ‘lost in translation’ and we have your responses on file.


Once the return is complete, we email or mail you an invoice. This lets you know that you can come by and pick up your return any time during our office hours.


We will provide you with a tax return folder that will contain: a copy of your tax returns, your original documents, and an e-file form that needs to be signed by you (and your spouse if applicable) and returned to us. We will not submit your return to the IRS until we have received that signed e-file form, either by mail, email, or you may drop it off.

Tax Refunds

If you are due a refund and want to know the status of your refund, then please to to the IRS “where is my refund” page and enter the requested information. It may take a few days from the day you filed until the status is available.

Other Services: More Than Just Tax Returns

The bulk of our practice is made up of taking care of small-to-medium sized business accounting and tax needs, as well as, estate and transaction tax planning/consulting.

Transactional Tax Planning

Whether you’re preparing to sell off all of your rental properties, beginning the estate planning process, or anything in between, we can help guide you through all possible avenues and explain their associated tax consequences. With proper planning BEFORE any major transaction, taxes can be mitigated or sometimes avoided altogether. The critical part is calling us before any contract is signed or any property has been sold. Very little can be done to mitigate taxation after a transaction has transpired. If you have a potentially taxable transaction looming in your future, come in and let us help you make the smartest decision for your situation.

Estate Planning

After death, your money and property, known as your estate, may also be subject to federal estate tax. However, you can give money away during your lifetime or leave certain amounts to your heirs that are exempt from taxation.

Because of the complexity of the estate tax rules, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and even if your estate is under the $5 million limit, there is usually still a need for planning to avoid probate.  If you would like our help in pursuing your situation and strategies, please call us for an appointment.

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